We deliver the best in practice systemic approach to protect yourself, your beloved and relatives and any of your valuable assets such as buildings, facilities and organizational staff, including kidnapping negotiation and release cases.


All our Anti-Kidnapping operators are trained to deal with both risk assessment, risk management and negotiation.

Close protection

All our close protection officers are highly qualified and belong to armed law enforcement forces from different countries.

Antistalking Service

Remember that are considered stalking many type of harassment and repeated threats or misbehaviors that might affect your lifestyle.

Crisis Response

We are ready to develop and deploy any type of crisis response plan by identifying and coordinating resources belonging to different supporting functional areas.

Operational Support Services

We are able to implement an operational gap analysis on customer’s org chart and review effectiveness of operational readiness of its security departments.

Corporate Contingency Planning

Service developed for structured corporate companies able to solve general security problems and to increase the awareness of risk.

Premium Services