Training Sector Leading Private Security Companies

Praesidium Security Consulting offers a professional training service carried out by professionals coming from law enforcement, private, special forces and leading private security companies. The instructors come from different countries such as Italy, Colombia, Cyprus, Brazil.

Our instructors are all qualified and authorized to perform the required training.


Achieve the positioning of all our services at a national and international level, in all areas and fields of private or state security, implementing our technology, guiding our clients with efficient and effective solutions

  • Basic shooting (Short and long weapons)
  • Advanced shooting (Short and long weapons)
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Anti-kidnapping
  • Tactical team response
  • Operations in rural areas anti-ambush
  • TCCC Tactical casualties Combat Care first – responder
  • VIP protection
  • Personal Security Details

  • Close protection
  • Security Driving
  • Survival
  • CQB close quarter battle
  • Urban warfare
  • DDM Designated defenses Marksman
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance
  • Static Security
  • K9 canine unit

Programs Offered

The training courses as well as the instruction can be subject to modifications according to the needs of our clients, our area of development and research is always ready to meet your needs.
For any information please contact us at:

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