The Anti-Kidnapping group works jointly with team of specialized lawyers either identified form customer side or provided case by case by Omega Praesidium. All our Anti-Kidnapping operators are trained to deal with both risk assessment, risk management and negotiation.
Our consultants will be moving with very short notice to the kidnapping site, and will be ready in setting up the ground with the victim’s relatives and appointed Police department for assisting since the early phases of negotiation the preparation, the assistance and advisory support along the negotiation process and / or follow insurance agents or customer’s instructions to facilitate the safe release of the victim as quick as possible.

Omega Praesidium consultants are also able to provide essential trainings for Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Extortion techniques to individuals, families or working groups. The training is tailored to meet client’s requests and needs. Our operators, through strict co-operation with local police / military authorities, can also inspect the Environment to discover or prevent any potential or existing threat. Moreover, a qualified team provides an advance service to those who travel in order to inspect the area before client’s arrival.


This is a real close protection service, one-on-one: the operator will escort the children along their daily journeys to reach their venues and activities (such as for example schools, sport playgrounds, etc.)

Both males or females may be appointed on duty to provide this type service. The operator will also conduct threats evaluation and risk assessment and analysis to measure the grade of danger and put in place preventive and protective actions without interfering with the professional or private life of our clients.

Our international consultants and the CPO are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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