How to behave in case of stalking

– Persecutory Acts

Remember that are considered stalking any of the following type of harassment and repeated threats or misbehaviors that might affect your normal lifestyle and induce you in a state of unsecure feeling and fear:

  • Phone calls and / or sms text messages addressing menaces or rude words;
  • obsessive behaviors related to undesired attentions;
  • Stalking acts either out of your workplace or around your home premises;
  • Intentional Damages addressed to one of your owned goods (your car, your mailbox, your home entrance door etc.);
  • Menaces addressed to one of your beloved.

Case Analysis

A stalking victim is usually overwhelmed by a state of agitation and apprehension; our specialized staff are used to deal with those victims, they reassure and drive them to the most appropriate investigation intervention.

Investigation Phase

Omega Praesidium operators get involved in the collection of as much evidences as possible about the stalking case and proceed, wherever needed, also to get the author of the stalking act identified.

Customer Relationship

The Investigation Report that Omega Praesidium issues to the customer is detailed and exhaustive, also compliant for any legal prosecution purpose.

“Shadowing” Close-Protection

A “shadowing” close protection service can both prevent the stalking victim from being subject to a physical violence, allows the collection of stalking evidences, like photos or videos, and facilitates witnesses statements that can be used for any legal prosecution purposes.

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