OmegaPraesidium Consultants in strict support with corporate departments can address to Corporate Structured Companies specific state of art assessment of their organizational Functional Areas and identify lack of awareness and safety and security operational awareness. Contingency plans shall be defined per Customer’s guidelines and policies and shall be included in a wider command-control system Headed by the Company’s Legal representatives or their appointed deputies holding delegated responsibilities on asset and personnel protection.

Rehearsal and trainings will be provided along perfectionating of the contingency plans and shall follow local legal obligations on both Health and Safety and Security matters. A complete set triggering factors related to increasing Alerting levels, shall drive different scenarios responses and actions throughout clearly defined contingency plans, leaving at its minimum any residual or unforeseeable risk; eventually every contingency plan shall have external stakeholders liaisons with law enforcement or external rescue support teams.

This assessment, deployed eventually by interviewing management levels and operational resources, may also include managerial capacity assessment on command-control officers’ readiness and response capacity; main aim is to address and drill through the hierarchical organizational levels the right awareness, core competences by facilitating training workshops, simulations and rehearsal, monitoring time and quality response to threats and meet the agreed level of service required by Customers.

Operational Planning will include specific module plans and related grade of Contingency actions triggers.

The Approach, in the aim of constant improvement, should also rise auto-protection behaviours that non-security resources shall assume if finding themselves inside a threat scene. This coordination level of security concept is an awareness that every functional area might have, in addition to the core security departments.

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