To move your precious goods safely all over the World

The Hand Carry service arises from the need of companies or  private citizens’ to move delicate goods and objects in a very fast and safe way all over the World. Hand carry is a dedicate and fiduciary service (not groupage) made by air transport  by one of our operators who picks up the goods from the customer and who delivers it directly and personally to the recipient.

The goods can vary from a simple hand baggage to several hold luggages.

Safety and Traceability

Thanks to the experience in the international sphere of safety, security, investigations and close protection, our operators are the added value to the transition.  We always guarantee anonymity, constant  surveillance and a final report.


  • The goods entrusted to us can be insured at the request of the customer. (the insurance is not applied in case of loss attributable to the air carrier or during baggage handling in the case of a connecting airport).
  • The current legislation on the topic of security imputes those who carry the baggage, possible  irregularities encountered during the checks. We therefore ask the customer that our operator can view the material to be transported. We also ask, precisely for frankness, that any key,  padlocks or unlocking combinations are assigned to our operator. Keys or combinations will be kept in special sealed envelopes which will be opened only in case of customs control or at the request of the airport authorities.

The shipment you entrust us is traceable at any time. Sender and recipient are constantly notified by texts or e-mails of every single step until the arrival to  the destination.
Hand Carry
the ideal choice for:

  • Sensitive Informations and Documents
  • Art pieces and Valuables
  • Prototypes
  • Patents, Licences, Commissions

For any information please contact us at: handcarry@intelligence-protection.com


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