Our company has grown and expanded over the years creating an investigation department to support all the clients that may need an investigation everywhere.
We are authorized – through ours investigators – to perform the following activities:

  1. Tracing of missing persons, even minor ones, voluntarily or accidentally removed, for any reason, carried out in the interest of anyone who wants to find them
  2. Investigations in the criminal field in favor of accused people and victims of crimes, both in case a criminal proceeding is to be instituted or if it is already established, for the protection of the rights of the suspect, the accused, the offended party
  3. Private investigations in favor of individual citizens
  4. Investigations for the companies that may need to protect their assets in the case of employee unfaithfulness; unjustified absenteeism; simulated diseases; improper use of permits such as those provided for trade union reasons, by Law 104, from parental leave; environmental and telephone reclamation activities
  5. Commercial investigations for the verification of shortages and inventory differences; data collection for litigation and credit granting; credit recovery
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